Dan is the author of the following books:
Java and the AS/400: Practical Examples for the iSeries and AS/400, 29th Street Press (2002)
Java and the AS/400: Practical Examples Using VisualAge for Java, 29th Street Press (1999)

From an Reviewer: “It seemed that every time I would run into a problem (which was often), Dan had already encountered it and explained it in his book. I would definitely recommend this book for anyone with Java experience who is contemplating working with Java on the AS/400. It will save you many heartaches and lots of time.”

Dan was a technical editor for iPro Developer Magazine from 1999-2005 and a guest editor for the eDeveloper newsletter (a sister publication of iPro Developer Magazine). His responsibilities included article reviews and a full range of editorial duties. Prior to 1999, Dan performed technical editor duties for iPro Developer Magazine on a freelance basis.

Dan is the author of numerous feature-length articles for iPro Developer Magazine, IBM Systems Magazine, the eDeveloper newsletter, and Midrange Computing Magazine.

A partial list of Dan’s published articles appears below:
Two Peas in a Pod: Android and EGL
     IBM Systems Magazine, May, 2014
Getting Started with EGL Programming, Part 2
     iPro Developer Magazine, July, 2012
Getting Started with EGL Programming, Part 1
     iPro Developer Magazine, June, 2012
EGL and XMLService: Hand, Meet Glove
     IBM Systems Magazine, February, 2012
EGL: One Business Language to Rule Them All
     iPro Developer Magazine, February, 2012
Free and Awesome: EGL Community Edition
     iPro Developer Magazine, February, 2010
Hunkering Down
     iPro Developer Magazine, October, 2009
The EGL Has Landed
     iPro Developer Magazine, November, 2008
Beyond RPG: A Java Guy’s Perspective
     iPro Developer Magazine, May, 2008
32-Bit JVM for IBM i
     iPro Developer Magazine, February, 2008
Running in Place
     iPro Developer Magazine, January, 2008
Amazon Simple Storage Service
     iPro Developer Magazine, December, 2007
Pretty Simple, Pretty Good Privacy
     iPro Developer Magazine, November, 2007