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Dan Darnell is a consultant specializing in the modernization of IBM i applications through judicious use of programming languages such as Java and EGL (along with related technologies). His experience in the midrange world dates back to the System/34 and System/36. Dan has written his share of RPG (he still writes RPG code almost every day) and he was an early adopter of both Java and EGL. Dan recognizes Java and EGL as the first languages that live up to their promises to facilitate modernization while actually increasing productivity. For Dan, the way that these languages let his clients create great-looking modern business applications quickly, cleanly, and with their primary focus on business needs makes using them a no-brainer.

Dan has worked with clients in the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, and South America.

Dan has written two books on Java programming and numerous articles for iPro Developer Magazine, IBM Systems Magazine, and other publications.

In his spare time Dan enjoys volunteering as a Boy Scout leader, hiking, camping, geocaching, and photography.